She Caught Her Boyfriend Scaping TOO Hard

Sometimes, we get so drenched in the moment of scaping a tank that the outside world becomes dark. You are one with your vision and the shapes of wood and stone are your new language. All worries and cares about the mundane day to day dissolve. You have tunnel vision and laser focus. Nothing matters. […]

TOP 15 Aquascaping Instagramers to Follow in 2017

We have put together our own top list of best Instagram feeds to follow in 2017. They are well-known and world-class aquascapers who are nailing it on Instagram.

Scapetour: Behind the Design

What started as a small trip to visit Florestas Submersas with a few friends turned into an international aquascaping pilgrimage that became known as #SCAPETOUR. A trip to Lisbon, soon came with an added stop in Amsterdam. It later exploded into an attendance of over 50 aquascapers from around the US, Canada and Europe with a huge […]

Dave Chow: A Leader in the Movement

Hong Kong based aquascaper, Dave Chow. In these series of exclusive content, we thought it would be great to showcase the talent and hard work of our early brand ambassadors and show you what it takes to be part of the Mosscotton Movement! This week, we will be featuring, artist, aquascaper, CAU founder and owner of the […]