TOP 15 Aquascaping Instagramers to Follow in 2017

We are excited about social media and our own Mosscotton Instagram following – you guys rock!

For this reason we have put together our own top list of best Instagram feeds to follow in 2017. They are well-known and world-class aquascapers who are nailing it on Instagram. In addition we have some carefully curated pages that always pay credit to the creators as well as your daily dose of aquascaping and hardscape inspirations.

This list is in no particular order. We love them all!


Adam Paszczela from Poland is the owner of the ADA Poland Idea Studio and distributor for ADA products in eastern Europe. If you love aquascaping as much as we do, put “Visit ADA Poland” on your bucket list.

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Petruc Dan Lulian from Romania is specialized on miniature aka pico aquariums. Some of them do fit into a Ferrero Rocher acrylic box.

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Luca Galarraga is the owner of Aquabase and distributor of ADA products in Brazil. When you see a Brazilian aquascape you will know its Brazilian. Follow him to learn more about this unique style.

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Aquaeden in Portugal is truly place number one for your aquascaping needs if you live nearby. If not it’s definitely worth a visit anyway. Rui Alves and Miguel Reis create every week stunning aquascapes for their customers that are inspired by Portuguese nature.

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George Farmer aka the Aquascaper from UK is a full time aquascaping professional. He just recently launched his own range of Aquariums and Cabinets with Evolution Aqua. George is doing Aquascaping demos all over the UK and is teaching the world in his free YouTube videos. Follow him for best practice aquascaping advice.

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Jeff and Mike Senske from USA established ADG – Aquarium Design Group many years ago and made aquascaping popular in USA. They are best known for their Hardscape only concept and the awesome retail store they are building right now.

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Green Aqua is run by the trio Viktor Lantos, Balázs Farkas and Attila Néder from Hungary. They have one of the best retail shops and aquascaping galleries in Europe. Budapest is a nice historic city, why don’t you visit them on year next Europe trip?

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Kevin Le from Australia is simply doing a great job curating his profile. You will find a well-selected mix ranging from aquascaping over fish, shrimps and plants. And always the giving credit to the original creators.

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Do you have a favourite account that we missed? Let us know by tagging @mosscotton on Instagram and we might feature them in our next Top 15! 

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